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Essay about deforestation in malaysia

essay about deforestation in malaysia

of commodities, and settlements. Besides the rainforests, Malaysia has 1, 425 sq km of mangroves. Which encompasses portion of the island of Borneo. Conservation attempts, in Malaysia. It is also one of the major reasons for the loss of wildlife and marine life. Km which.4 percent of the total area of Malaysia, and is administratively divided into ten districts: Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Tumpat, Pasir Puteh, Bachok, Kuala Krai, Machang, Tanah Merah, Jeli and Gua Musang. Which comes at the disbursal of its woods 2 ) Logging and Mining, harvesting lumber frequently through illegal logging remains a serious menace to the island of Borneo. It has a narrow coastal plain where unrestrained movements of population and goods occur both into and out of the State(P.G. And it has even been heralded ( To proclaim ; announce ) as a biofuel Oil thenar agriculturists have cut monolithic swaths of natural wood to do room for oil thenar plantations. There is also the question of whether or not their limited species will be snapped up by the growing illegal animal trade and made into food in other countries.

The regions in Malaysia are divided into six regions. High rate of deforestation, threatens a figure of endangered species. In recent years, as a spatial database management system (dbms the Geographic Information System (GIS) has developed powerful tools for visualizing data (Peters and MacDonald, 2004; Fisher and Unwin, 2005; Liao., 2010). The deforestation in the Borneo area has caused much distress to animals and people alike. Per cent annually from 1957 to 2005. In 2010 the GDP (PPP) was 414,400 billion, the 3rd largest economy in asean and 29th largest in the world. And for that to happen, outside help is needed. The government is spending money on Taman Negara National Park and other protected forest areas. Multiple factors frequently cause deforestation at the same time. Logging companies discreetly come into the forests and cut down just enough trees for it to be worth the effort, but not enough to be immediately noticed or missed. Malaysian Government role and response, despite contracts that have been signed and pledges that have been made, the government is still cutting down massive amounts of trees and displays no clear signs of slowing down or finding a more sustainable way to produce palm oil. Other organizations such as the Tabung Alam Malaysia, a branch of the World Wide Fund For Nature has also established offices in Malaysia since 1972 dedicated to nature conservation as well as education on the importance of forest conservation to the wider populace.

essay about deforestation in malaysia

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