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(1998) Molecular phylogeny of the critically endangered Hunters antelope (Beatragus hunteri, Sclater 1889). Rabinovich,.; Gaudzinski-Windheuser,.; Goren-Inbar,. 75 Waterfowl or other birds may ingest the lead and poison themselves with

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Energy is essential for life. Objectives of National Energy Conservation Day Germany has made enormous investments in renewable energy. A Literature Review Alternative Energy (United States. World energy consumption

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High school student research papers
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Essays on the coinage of alexander the great

essays on the coinage of alexander the great

then either the two were minted simultaneously, or Alexander did not start minting until later. Of course, coinage was only one of the facets of history affected by Alexander. She also outlines the post-323 posthumous issues of Philip types which Le Rider did not address in his work of 1977. These would have been the years 333-332 and 332-331. Yet he mentions a group of Philips which have all the same symbols with the addition of a bee, hinting perhaps that this group continued later than the others. None of the Alexander drachms of Asia Minor can have been produced before 334, any coins that bear Alexander types but the name of Philip III must be after 323, and no coinage of Philip III can have been minted later than 317. Mrkholm, Early Hellenistic Coinage (1991). This leads us to conclude that the striking of new Amphictionic money must have been interrupted before the reissue of the Attic money which constituted a part of the stock handed over to Dexios. How did coinage respond to changed political and economic conditions in the third century AD? In the same year, 1991, oxell published an article entitled "Alexander's Earliest Macedonian Silver (43) joining the great date debate.

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We will leave Kleiner for now, to continue with our chronological study, but the debate over the dating of the Alexanders, begun by him, is probably the most highly contested and engaging question regarding the current study of the Alexanders. Comparison between the coins of Alexander and these late Philip coins then allows, as Newell has done, for placement of the Alexander coins marked with the same control marks at the beginning of his coinage on the whole. It has four columns: the first, the name of a mint; the second, the amount of each denomination; the third, the apousia; the fourth, the remainder. Of course, the silver tetradrachms that are most commonly referred to were only one of the denominations of coins minted under Alexander and in his wake. In other words, the Alexander coins were first minted in Tarsus, and minting in Amphipolis began subsequently. Notes on a Book by Gerhard Kleiner Numismatic Chronicle 12 (1982) 166-79. It remains to be seen how other scholars will respond to Marchetti's arguments; whether or not they will accept that the striking of new money in Delphi on the Attic standard was necessarily at the behest of Alexander. One quarter Stater (2.50.) diam. Therefore, the Amphipolis Zeus had to have been minted subsequent to the Tarsiote Zeus. His article was essential in that it posed a serious challenge to the traditional dating system worked out by Newell, spurring much discussion among scholars. Roman Provincial Coinage Vol.

In the American Numismatic Society will always color these essays. Ago when my own study of the coins of Alexander led me independently. Near Eastern elements in the tetradrachms of Alexander the Great, Essays.