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Essay on hinduism rituals

essay on hinduism rituals

and purifies its gift by alice walker essay practice. Three significant changes: Three significant changes in the Hindu marriage may be noted here. This ritual for which there is no reference in the Dharmashastras is more in practice in South India than in the North. It made the wife to be not only attached to the husband as long as he lived, but even after his death, because a sati could never conceive of a second marriage or a second husband.

essay on hinduism rituals

Essays on, hindu, rites and, rituals

essay on hinduism rituals

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They get disturbed on the death of the wife, and hence the householder could marry immediately a second wife. (ii) Belief that marriage is a social duty towards the family and the community: The question of conflict between the husband and the wife did not perhaps arise in the old days for it never involved purely individual interests. This ritual is known as Panigrahana sankalpa or Vagdana. It implies that fidelity and modest service to the husband are the sole duty and main purpose in her life. Advertisements: (A aims of the Hindu Marriage : As Kapadia has pointed out, the main aims of the Hindu marriage are: dharma, praja and rati. At the ceremony, the priest invests the boy with a sacred thread to be worn always over the left shoulder and the parents instruct fm to pronounce the Gayatri Mantra. Hence on the death of the husband the wife had either to live chastely, renouncing all the joys of life, or to follow her husband by jumping into the funeral pyre. The ideal of pativratya gave rise to and glorified the practice of sati or self-immolation. The rites cited above are performed by a Brahmin priest in the presence of the sacred fire and are accompanied by the Vedic mantras. This homa is symbolic of fecundity and prosperity. They are necessary for marriage to be complete, because when they or any of them are not properly performed, the marriage may be legally questioned.

The following is a list of important essays. Food Rituals in Hinduism. Topics: Yoga, Hindu, Hinduism Pages: 8 (1551 words) Published: December 8, 2010. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. Myth And Rituals In Hinduism Essay.

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